GoCalm FAQs

What is GoCalm?

GoCalm is an app designed to help learners deal with exam pressure. It combines anxiety relief, brain training and gaming.

When used with an EEG (electroencephalogram) headset, connected to a suitable device it uses neurofeedback to monitor and display a learner’s brain activity. This helps develop their ability to bring a calm and focused mind set into exams and other stressful situations, such as driving tests or interviews.

Why is there a need to help learners manage exam stress and anxiety?
ChildLine delivered over 4,000 counselling sessions on exam stress to school learners in 2015-16. (ChildLine Annual review, 2016, p27) As an educational organisation with a charitable status, exams are an area that fits naturally within our scope. As far as we know, there are no other specific solutions for exam stress, so we decided to help learners deal with the pressure. Maintaining and supporting good mental health is important throughout life.

Who developed GoCalm and why?

At NCFE, we are committed to developing solutions with our learners in mind. We have collaborated with MyndPlay in designing GoCalm.

MyndPlay are a UK-based company who have developed easy-to-wear headsets and technology to allow users to monitor brain activity.

We have designed the GoCalm app to help learners cope with exam stress by developing their ability to be calm and focused through brain training and tracking brain activity.

Think of GoCalm a bit like a fitness tracker for your brain. It won’t automatically improve your focus or calm your nerves, but it will help you understand how it feels to be calm and focused. With practice, you should be able to access that state of mind when approaching potentially stressful situations.

How does GoCalm help learners?

Taking an exam is always stressful. We want to help learners manage and deal with that exam pressures and anxiety, so that they can perform at their best.

By using GoCalm, learners will be able to understand and train their levels of calmness and focus and how it feels like when they are in the zone. With this knowledge and understanding of how their mind works, they will be able to recreate those feelings to bring focus and calmness into the classroom and their exams.

How does the technology work?

MyndPlay is the first mind-controlled media player and platform which painlessly connects a users’ mind to their computer through with dry sensor EEG (Electroencephalograph) BrainWave technology.

When your brain is active, it emits miniscule electrical signals that can be detected by sensors connected to a EEG machine. MyndPlay have developed affordable, wearable technology that uses these sensors to detect and interpret brain activity.

To the best of our knowledge, GoCalm is the first neurofeedback training app on the market. Learners use the headset and app to train their brain to focus or become calm, so if they feel anxious before exams or in other stressful situations, they can access that state of mind quickly and easily.

Does it hurt?

No. Sensors are non-invasive and sit on the surface of your skin. They are measuring tiny amounts of electricity naturally produced by your body, so miniscule you don’t feel a thing.

Who has been involved in developing GoCalm?

Learners have been crucial in developing GoCalm. Before deciding which techniques to use and what to include in the app, we interviewed learners and asked them to try the techniques for us. They said that they felt much calmer and focused using the techniques. One learner even asked to take the exam on that day as she felt so focused.

How often should I use GoCalm?

You can use GoCalm as often as you like, especially if you feel stressed out or under pressure. We recommend you use it regularly for long term results. Think of it a bit like going to the gym – you wouldn’t expect to get the best results after just one session, with regular use, you can expect to feel a difference.

What is an EEG headset?

EEG stands for electrocephalogram. This is a machine that detects the miniscule electrical signals from your brain. By connecting an EEG headset to your computer, via Bluetooth, your computer acts as a brain wave activity monitor. NCFE has partnered with MyndPlay to provide the technology and the headsets.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is real-time display of brain activity on your computer. It helps to track your attention levels during specific activities within the GoCalm app, such as mindfulness and TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that allows you to focus your full attention on where you are and what you’re doing without being overly influenced by passing thoughts and distractions. Try a free guided video.

What is TFT?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a psychological treatment developed by an American psychologist, Roger Callahan. The therapy is based on tapping with the fingers at meridian points on the upper body and hands. Try a free guided video.

Who is GoCalm for?

GoCalm has been designed with learners in mind. This desktop app can be used by any learner dealing with exam pressure, who wants to control their nerves and find their focus. GoCalm is suitable for learners of any age from GCSE level, A levels or adult learners.

The app can also be used to calm nerves before any stressful event, such as a driving test or a job interview.

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GoCalm Desktop App Only

  • Mindfulness – guided video to help you relax for your exams.
  • TFT - guided video of psychological technique to help you cope better with exam pressure.
  • Brain training sessions to build your ability to remain calm and focus.
  • Interactive video sequence games to put your training to the test.
  • Does not include headset required for the brain training sessions and games.


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Neuro-feedback Headset and GoCalm Desktop App

  • Neuro-feedback headset designed to detect and transmit brain activity to the GoCalm app.
  • Mindfulness – guided video to help you relax for your exams.
  • TFT - guided video of psychological technique to help you cope better with exam pressure.
  • Brain training sessions to build your ability to remain calm and focus.
  • Interactive video sequence games to put your training to the test.


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